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*The results obtained in each case  are different.This does not constitute a guarantee of the results which may be obtained in your particular matter.

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This legal notice is required by LC5432(a): Notice: "Making a false or fraudulent worker's compensation claim is a felony subject to up to 5 years in prison or a fine of up to $50,000.00 or double the value of the fraud, whichever is greater, or by both imprisonment and fine."

Este aviso legal es requerido por LC5432 (a): Aviso: "Realizar un reclamo de compensación de trabajador falso o fraudulento es un delito grave sujeto a hasta 5 años de prisión o una multa de hasta $ 50,000.00 o el doble del valor del fraude, cualquiera que sea mayor o por prisión y multa ".


Any person who makes or causes to be made any knowingly false or fraudulent material statement or material representation for the purpose of obtaining or denying workers'  compensation benefits or payments is guilty of a felony.

Toda aquella persona que a propósito haga o cause que se produzca cualquier declaración o representación material falsa o fraudulenta con el fin de obtener o negar beneficios o pagos de compensación a trabajadores lesionados es culpable de un crimen mayor “felonia”.


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Accepting serious on the job injuries

Traumatic Brain Injuries (TBI)

Stressed / Overworked

Discrimination / Mistreatment

Heavy Toxin/Chemical  Workplaces

Sexual Harassment


Stroke / Heart Attacks

Construction Falls

Repetitive Overuse Syndromes


Death cases

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The information the Privacy Policy provides to the User: the personal information collectible from you when you:

a) access and/or use the Website, we may collect from you when you visit our Website,

b) respond to our emails and/or send us emails,

c) communicate by mail,

d) communicate by fax,

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f) access our social media

g) contact the Company by telephone,

h) contact the Company by text (collectively referred to as the Service),


Why Information Is Gathered From You,

how information is gathered from you, how any gathered information from you is used by Company, your choices to control the use, access of the information collected how to correct the personal information from you that has been collected.


Legal Users:

User must be 18 years old or e accompanied by a guardian to contract for legal services with Shandler & Associates and to agree to the Terms herein. If you are under 18, if you continue to use the Service, then it will be assumed that your guardian has authorized said use and has agreed to the Disclaimer, Terms of Service, and the Pivacy Policy.  The Company operates a general audience website and cannot monitor the website to prevent underage Users from accessing the Service. The Company does not knowingly collect information on youth under 13 years of age.


Why is information gathered?

The Company through the Service gathers personal information for the following reasons:

To determine what groups of people are using the Services

To improve products,

To improve customer service

To improve selection

To follow trends of individual Users and all Users

To determine what types of services User views and purchases to know what suggestions to make

To provide the User with information on upcoming information


What information is gathered?

Information is gathered through our Website, emails, mail, fax, telephone, mobile devices and applications and social media applications when you interact with these Services, including when you:


Access our Website and use our Apps

Interactively participate with our Services in any way

Participate in other activities, resources, Services which are accessible to Users.



The following information may be collected depending upon your interaction with the Services:


1              Name, address, phone number, email address, user ID and contacts,

2              Gender and date of birth

4              Types of questions, injury questions, employer identification

5              IP address, carrier, country, browsing information

6              How, frequency, duration your applications are used

7              Permissions the information you’ve allowed to be collected through the permissions on the


8              Sharing information

9              Information about the device you are using to interact with Services including platform and location

10            Other information provided to Company


This information provided during an aborted message, registration or other interaction may none the less be collected.  The information collected is only visible to Company and other affiliates performing analytics, marketing, and programming, and research (collectively Marketers).


Cookies and Tags

A "cookie" is a minimal data file sent from the web server of Company to User’s browser which is stored on User’s browser. Company’s web server is then able to recognize that User has previously interacted with the Services. Company is then able to provide additional offers or services to previous visitors or members. User may disable cookies in User’s browser which may cause the certain Services to be less functionable.  The Marketers may collect non-personal information directly from cookies on User’s browser to assist us in maximizing the experience for Users and Company. Most of this interactive information is collected automatically.


Our Service may also use action tags which anonymously makes trend information available to Marketers to obtain an overall picture of our Users and their browsing habits to allow us to tailor our Services to their needs. User may modify their browser settings to disable action tags by Marketers.  These Marketers are not obligated to follow the Privacy Policy of the Company.


Interest-based advertising Other Services


Our advertisements for our Services may appear on other websites on the web. These advertisements are based upon User’s interactive internet habits and interests which has been determined from previous User interaction with the internet. This targeted advertising is called interest based advertising is not generally based upon personal information.  Third parties determine the placement of these advertisements. The Company does not control these third parties which may have their own privacy policies.


You may learn more about interest based advertising at www.aboutads.info , and may opt out on that website as well as www.networkadvertising.org/managing/opt_out.asp.  Company does not respond to nor honor “do not track” (DNT) signals transmitted by web browsers.


How we use the information we collect

The Company uses the information collected to:

1              communicate with User

2              to process User messages

3              to improve the Services we provide

4              to improve the information we provide

5              to conduct research

6              to provide a personalized browsing experience

7              to inform User of Company news

8             to market Company Services and services of those who share and rent such information.

9            To share with Affiliates and Associates to enable them to provide offers and their

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10          To provide information to subcontractors, agents, consultants, financial institutions, processors

              business partners, vendors, service providers for the Company’s benefit, to communicate with User.

11          In the event of a sale, lease, assignment, hypothecation of the Company or any part of it, User

              information may be provided to substantiate the claims of the Company.

12          In the event of a bankruptcy proceeding or any other legal proceeding, to comply with court


13          To compare and complement other information obtained about User from other sources both

               public and private to update and improve our User profile.

14          To assist Company and other third parties in providing to User and marketing to User services/products

              of Company and other third parties deem User is likely to use Company’s services

15          User information is intended to be retained for as long as practicable.

16          Any information obtained through a public forum or User submissions are exempt from this

              Privacy Policy and no Privacy Policy applies to such information. Company is permitted to freely

              share, use, or distribute this information for the use of others. User disclosure of information in

              public forums or through User submissions is done at User’s own risk.

18          All information User provides will be maintained in the United States to which User agrees. User

              is informed that privacy laws of the United States may not be as strict as those of User’s country.

19          California residents may request from the Company the nature of the personal information

              Company has collected and maintained and disclosed to third parties for direct marketing. Please

              contact Company at shandlerlaw@gmail.com specifically requesting said information.

20          User may update User’s personal information with Company by sending an email to

              shandlerlaw@gmail.com  with the old and new information contained therein. User must use the

              email associated with User’s account with Company, otherwise, the information will not be



Links to Other Web Sites


When User clicks on a link on the Services of Company, User is advised that User will be taken to either a website belonging to the family of brands to which shandlerlaw.org belongs or to affiliated third party or third party unaffiliated websites or third party and services at which time User information will be subject to privacy policies of those other websites and not to the privacy policies of shandlerlaw.org

When landing on www.shandlerlaw.org from a link from another website or through the login procedures through social media accounts, User is advised that www.shandlerlaw.org does not control the Terms of Use, Disclaimer, nor Privacy Policies of those websites. Accordingly, the Company cannot ensure that User’s personal information will or will not be used in any particular way.


Security and Passwords

User is advised that no known technology is fool proof nor 100% guarantee, therefore User must be vigilant in monitoring their information. The Company does not warrant the security of any information provided to Company. User passwords and user IDs are required to access portions of the Service. Those portions of the Service may contain personal information. User passwords and user IDs are for the sole use of User and should be protected. User is responsible for any activity or interaction with Services performed under User’s password and/or User ID. It is the sole responsibility of User to report to Company any suspected compromise of User’s password or User ID by email to shandlerlaw@gmail.com. Company records all conversations, maintains all communications, and may take images and maintain them to which User agrees. User agrees that any conversations, images, communications are the sole property of Company and Company may use said recordings, images, and communications commercially indefinitely without compensation to the User.



The company may send a variety of emails informing Users of news, events, offers, new programs, confirmations, customer satisfaction responses, etc to User’s email. If at any time, User does not want to receive future emails from www.shandlerlaw.org. User must notify the Company by email to shandlerlaw@gmail.com or click the unsubscribe button in the email received. User is advised to include his account number, full name, and other specific identifying information to allow us to properly comply with User’s request.


Privacy Policy Changes and Agreement

User specifically agrees, by accessing and/or using the Services, to each term of the Company’s Privacy Policy. User understands and agrees that the Privacy Policy is a part of the Terms of Use and the Disclaimers is part of the Terms of Use and both are deemed to be fully incorporated within the Terms of Use. User understands and agrees that the Privacy Policy, Disclaimers, and the Terms of Use may be amended and/or modified at any time without prior notice. User agrees to be legally bound to the latest update of the Privacy Policy, Disclaimer, and Terms of Use before any access or use of the Services. The last updated date at the top of the Privacy Policy is the effective date of the amendments and modifications unless a different effective date is specifically identified in the updated Privacy Policy.



The Company would appreciate any comments on our Service, our Privacy Policy, our Disclaimer, our Terms of Use, and the same aspects of shandlerlaw.org  family of brands. Please contact us by email at shandlerlaw@gmail.com