We are located in the greater Los Angeles Area in Southern California and we are accepting cases throughout the State of California.

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*The results obtained in each case  are different.This does not constitute a guarantee of the results which may be obtained in your particular matter.

© 2017 Shandler & Associates. All rights reserved.  All trademarks and registered trademarks are exclusively licensed to Shandler & Associates . The images are copyrighted by others and used with permission. Iimages are staged incidents for demonstration. All statements made herein are the  personal opinions of the author. No statements made herein are legal opinions or are medical opinions. Attorneys licensed in California only and accept and solicit only California cases.

This legal notice is required by LC5432(a): Notice: "Making a false or fraudulent worker's compensation claim is a felony subject to up to 5 years in prison or a fine of up to $50,000.00 or double the value of the fraud, whichever is greater, or by both imprisonment and fine."

Este aviso legal es requerido por LC5432 (a): Aviso: "Realizar un reclamo de compensación de trabajador falso o fraudulento es un delito grave sujeto a hasta 5 años de prisión o una multa de hasta $ 50,000.00 o el doble del valor del fraude, cualquiera que sea mayor o por prisión y multa ".


Any person who makes or causes to be made any knowingly false or fraudulent material statement or material representation for the purpose of obtaining or denying workers'  compensation benefits or payments is guilty of a felony.

Toda aquella persona que a propósito haga o cause que se produzca cualquier declaración o representación material falsa o fraudulenta con el fin de obtener o negar beneficios o pagos de compensación a trabajadores lesionados es culpable de un crimen mayor “felonia”.


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Accepting serious on the job injuries

Traumatic Brain Injuries (TBI)

Stressed / Overworked

Discrimination / Mistreatment

Heavy Toxin/Chemical  Workplaces

Sexual Harassment


Stroke / Heart Attacks

Construction Falls

Repetitive Overuse Syndromes


Death cases

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The Compnay understands and respects the importance of User’s privacy. We will not disclose any personally identifiable information unless obligated to do so by law or as necessary in the operation of Company. We have established a Privacy Policy which will explain what information is collected, why the information is collected, what is done with the information collected, how long said information is stored. Please see our Privacy Policy for further information.


Agreement, Arbitration Governing Law

The Service is operated and intended only for residents of California. The Company is Los Angeles, CA  Users outside California are welcome to utilize Services for their own edification, however, Company is only seeking clients in California or subject to California law.

User and Company agree that the proper jurisdiction and venue is the Los Angeles Superior Court (Stanley Mosk Branch) in Los Angeles, CA. and that the Laws of the State of California are the applicable laws to any dispute arising out of User’s use of Services.

User and Company agree to binding arbitration before one arbiter from J.A.M.S. User and Company agree to the following terms of arbitration and as permitted by law:

  1. Company shall select the arbiter to adjudicate the dispute,

  2. Arbiter shall only have the authority to award actual direct damages to User,

  3. If permitted by J.A.M.S., the parties may submit the matter on briefs, appear telephonically, or by Skype or a similar service,  

  4. The arbiter does not have authority to award any other general, special, or punitive damages

  5. The arbiter does not have authority to award fines, penalties, sanctions, costs, attorney fees or expenses


  7. User agrees that User can not be a representative plaintiff in a class action lawsuit. User and Company agree that the Arbiter only has authority to resolve one User claim at a time and has no authority to consider or decide any claim by any other User unless said User brings an individual claim against Company. The arbiter does not have the authority to consolidate individual lawsuits for plaintiffs that may be similarly situated or otherwise.



User agrees to indemnify, defend, and hold the Company, its Affiliates, and its Associates from any and all claims of damage under any theory of law before any tribunal in any jurisdiction. Further, User agrees to indemnity Company, its Affiliates, and its Associates from any costs, legal fees, expenses incurred as a result of User’s use of Services or any resulting claim User or any other third party/entity who may have claimed or who may now or later claim any damage whatsoever.  


Changes to the Terms of Use

The Terms of Use is an agreement between User and Company and is effective when User initially accesses and uses Service. This Agreement represents the entire understanding between User and Company and controls the relationship between User and Company.

User specifically agrees to consents to be legally bound by the Terms of Use, Disclaimer, and Privacy Policy. Further, User specifically and affirmatively makes the representations attributable to User in the Terms of Use, Disclaimer and Privacy Policy. User specifically authorizes and directs Company to take the actions or take no actions as described in Terms of Use, Disclaimer, Privacy Policy those authorizations given by User in the Terms of Use, Disclaimer, Privacy Policy.

User agrees to periodically review the Terms of Use, Disclaimer, and Privacy Policy as these documents are subject to change without prior or post notice. Any access or use of Services after the effective date of the updated Terms of Use, Disclaimer, or Privacy Policy will bind the User to that version of the Terms of Use, Disclosure, Privacy Policy.  Accordingly, the latest version of the Terms of Use, Disclaimer, Privacy Policy prior to any particular access or use of Services will apply to that particular access or use.